C-Map directENC S-63 Northern Europe

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Product Id 2J5CMAP1
Title C-Map Northern Europe
Scale/Usage Overview, General, Coastal, Approach, Harbour, Berthing
Available Formats directENC, S-63
Unit Type Large Cell
Edition 20.41.0
Updated 2020-09-28
Type C-Map Charts
Producer C-Map Charts
Producer code 2J
Bounding Box lower left Latitude: 7°15.00' S
lower left Longitude: 64°55.00' W
upper right Latitude: 83°00.00' N
upper right Longitude: 112°00.02' E

The Bounding Box only represents the maximum latitude and longitude but not the real geographic coverage.
Note During production, ENCs are assigned a compilation scale based upon the nature of the source data they are based on, and are allocated to a navigational purpose band (usage) related to this. As shown in the table below there are 6 navigational usages (scale ranges are indicative only and the displayed details may not apply to all charts, it's just an example!)
Usage Name Scale Range

1 Overview < 1:1.000.000 Example (Picture similar to product)
2 General 1:300.000 - 1:1.500.000 Example (Picture similar to product)
3 Coastal 1: 90.000 - 1: 350.000 Example (Picture similar to product)
4 Approach 1: 22.000 - 1: 100.000 Example (Picture similar to product)
5 Harbour 1: 4.000 - 1: 50.000 Example (Picture similar to product)
6 Berthing > 1: 10.000 Example (Picture similar to product)